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Hola! Inah is in for an interview here at Venture Through Pages. Inah is our first blogger for the month of June. Isn't it amazing? Yep, yeah it is. Inah is one of the bloggers behind the blog, The Bibliophile Confessions, but we only have her for this interview and I am so excited. Here it goes:

When did you start book blogging?

I started book blogging last year, May 2014.

How did you start your blog? Did it occur to you that you are already a book blogger or your love for books just can't be contained that you incorporated it almost everyday in your post?

My blog was originally a personal blog with entries about my life, but then I needed something to channel my love for books so I started posting a few book reviews along with personal entries. Then I decided to transform my blog from a personal online journal to a book blog.

How often do you post on your blog?

I  post 3-4 times a week, but there are times when I’m so busy that I tend to have weeks without anything posted so I’m really working on that.

Do you always go on book signing events? How do you feel whenever youu meet that person behind our treasured books?

Not always, but I often do. Book signings are the best because not only I get to meet authors, I also get to make new friends!  My first ever book signing was Gayle Forman’s book signing last January 2014. It was the best thing ever because she was one of my favourite authors. But I think the best one I attended was Stephanie Perkins’ signing because it was on my birthday. Haha! I mostly attend book signings of authors with books that I’ve already read.

Meeting the person behind the books that I love is really amazing because I could personally tell them how much I treasure their books. I make it a point to always mention it to them before I run out of things to say and freak out in front of them. Hahaha!

Top 3 favorite Filipino book bloggers

Top 3 favorite International book bloggers

Top 3 fandoms? Are you a serious fangirl?

Harry Potter
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
Supernatural (TV Series)

A serious fangirl? Hmmm, I think everyone can be a serious fangirl in their own ways. But, I guess I am. I’m sort of a multifandom type of person because I tend to love a lot of things, not only books. I watch a lot of TV Shows and Movies. I love Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Arrow, How To Get Away With Murder, Agents of Shield, Suits and many more. I love Marvel. I also love listening to indie/alternative bands like Bastille, The 1975, COIN, Grizfolk, Magic Man, Walk The Moon, Haim and Kodaline but I also listen to mainstream bands like The Script, Coldplay, OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons… okay the list is really that long so yeah, fangirls ftw!

Top 3 fictional boyfriends

Cricket Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door)
Noah Shaw (Mara Dyer Trilogy)
Camden Campbell (How I Fall/How I Fly)

I suck at fan casting. I really really do, but I’d love to see Daniel Sharman as Noah Shaw. <3

I’m no expert in book blogging but I would say that blog about what you love. Book Blogs doesn’t have to be just strictly about books. Let your readers have a glimpse of your personality with your posts. Meet new people, they can be readers, fellow bloggers and  even authors! And most of all, have fun with what you’re doing!

The Bibliophile Cofessions

My name is Inah, a Filipino. I’m 19 years old and a college junior taking up BS Food Technology at University if the Philippines Los BaƱos.

I am a total procrastinator. I am an aspiring photographer and a frustrated writer. I fangirl a lot, literally a lot (check my Tumblr, you’ll see). Some of my fandoms include Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and Teen Wolf. Geeking out is one of my talents, I guess.



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